Sunday, September 14, 2014

Trizone Conference: Bacnotan, Bauang, San Fernando

On September 11, 2014, the Baguio Mission once again had the opportunity to come together and be taught and enlightened from the training of President Balledos as well as the other missionary companionship's. The focus of this training was to help the missionaries on the fundamentals of teaching, focusing on Chapter 10 of Preach My Gospel. Throughout the course of the conference, several missionary companionship's gave short workshops on principles such as prayer, teaching for understanding, how to begin teaching principles, using scriptures, asking questions, listening, and committing. After each workshop given, the missionaries then were able to do several practice teachings in which they role played a lesson to a profiled investigator. With each role play, the missionaries improved their teaching and the spirit was strong as the Baguio missionaries as a whole were one in their desire and purpose. Along with the focus of teaching skills, the importance of the missionary planner was also discussed. Each missionary is provided with a six week planner, a tool that can be used to help them to have a vision and a goal from day to day and week to week. The missionaries were instructed on how to more effectively use their planners to be accountable to their area and to the Lord. Heavenly Father's church is a church of order, and He expects His servants to be organized as well. President Balledos gave advice and counsel on how we can increase our expectations for ourselves, and truly develop Christlike Character, turning outward when we would humanly want to turn inward. The essence of missionary work is to help others to come unto Christ, meaning that we as missionaries should come unto Christ as well, and act in order to bring greater things to pass. In closing, Elder and Sister Brown gave a workshop on the importance of learning English to help us for the future, as well as the impact our mission will have on our future careers and families. Serving a mission not only will help us in our spiritual lives, but it will help us to be future leaders of businesses as well as the home. It was a spiritually uplifting conference, that inspired the missionaries to work harder, have a clear vision, and bring souls unto Christ through teaching His pure doctrine.

Bacnotan Zone

San Fernando Zone

Bauang Zone

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  1. Hello, My name is Michelle Christensen. My son, Elder Brian Christensen, is serving in the Baguio Mission. He is getting released in July. My husband and I are going to travel to the Philippines to pick him up.

    We would love some advice on how to travel from Manila to San Fernando as well as places to stay.

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