Sunday, February 9, 2014

Baguio Zone Interview

Each zone gets an opportunity to be interviewd by President Balledos a few times each year. This month was the start of mission interviews, for the new Baguio Mission. For the year of 2014, our first and primary emphasis has been on obedience. We know that through exact obedience, miracles are wrought. So with this in mind, President Balledos' primary emphasis during the zone training and interview was about obedience. All of the missionaries had to take a special quiz designed by President about obedience in order to earn our lunch for the day. President loves fill in the blanks, and this was the set up of the quiz. It was a bit harder than the missionaries had anticipated, but becaue President Balledos is so kind, he still allowed all of us to have our lunch, even for those missionaries who didn't quite meet the mark on the quiz.
Throughout the morning, the missionaries were given workshops by the zone leaders, the sister training leaders, and the assistants to the President. While the workshops were going on, missionaries were called to have their interview with President Balledos, reporting about how they would try and help their areas and what they needed to improve in order to hasten the work of salvation. This zone training got the missionaries re-animated and inspired to go out and work hard to bring blessings to thier respective areas and help to find those ready and prepared for the gospel in their lives!
Happy Birthday to Elder Comer, Elder Fulavai, Elder Gang, Elder Partsch, and Sister Bagasina!

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