Sunday, November 24, 2013

October Transfer

This past October, we had a new batch of missionaries enter the mission. Half of them coming from the Provo, UT MTC and the other half from the Manilla Philippines MTC. They are great missionaries excited for the work of salvation. For the first three days of their in-field time, they traveled from Manila to San Fernando where the mission office is located. En route to the mission office, their bus broke down for a couple of hours, but this didn't stop the missionaries from enjoying every moment of their time here. The Lord's hand is in everything, as was proven when the bus broke down right across the road from a members home who gave these new missionaries water and shade from the heat of the afternoon. After this little set back, they were able to make it to the mission office, and get acquainted with the mission president along with the STL's and AP's. It was a long first day, but they were able to all bond while playing minute to win it games and watching 17 Miracles. It was a great first day for the brand new Baguio missionaries.
Over the course of the next two days, these missionaries were able to preach by the way at the local malls, experience washing their clothes by hand, taking jeepneys, and making chicken adobo. It was a great cultural experience for the foreign missionaries, and all had fun as they raced to see who would make it to the Mission home first. The Mission home of President and Sister Balledos is set in the most perfect location on the beach with the best view imaginable. The missionaries really enjoyed getting to play on the sand for a bit and enjoy what the Philippines has to offer. During this time at President Balledos' home, the new missionaries were able to be informed about what being a Baguio missionary entails. The work is challenging, but so rewarding. We are in the work of salvation as missionaries, and each elder and sister in this latest batch is excited and energetic about the work.
These new missionaries are a month into their missions now, and they are still continuing to shine and progress in their assigned areas. It is truly great to be a Baguio missionary!

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